Each public toilet should comprise of a necessary equipment enabling a comfortable use by its visitors. One of the essential elements of the public toilet are hand towel dispensers, toilet paper dispensers and soap dispensers. Such solution does not only mean comfort of its users but it also enables our customers to maintain the place’s proper hygiene. All sanitary dispensers offered by Lamix are manufactured from high quality ABS plastic material and polycarbonate guaranteeing a complete equipment of each toilet.

The comfort of use of the toilet facilities is an important issue which should not be disregarded while selecting the toilet equipment. For this reason, it is worth considering a purchase of proper hand towel and soap dispensers to place in toilets at restaurants, hotels or workplaces. Hand towel dispensers are both ergonomic and hygienic solutions as the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness are only guaranteed by the application of the disposable hand towels.

Lamix provides its customers with ZZ-fold and V-fold hand towel dispensers, centerfeed dispensers for hand towels in rolls as well as napkin dispensers.  This enables to customize the selected solution to your needs and requirements. The toilet paper dispenser is adapted for the disabled, while ensuring that the appropriate level of cleanliness is maintained. 

The highest production standards

The hand towel dispensers offered by Lamix is a combination of a high quality materials and attention to every detail. Cliver dispensers are manufactured from durable ABS plastic materials, whereas Ellis dispensers are made of an extremely durable and impact-resistant polycarbonate. Polycarbonate dispensers are designed for long-life service without any risk that they may be easily damaged. They are highly functional and may be also treated as an elegant element of the interior design.


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