industrial rolls

It is extremely crucial to maintain hygiene and order in public areas, industrial plants, toilets or workplaces.  Cleanliness should be given a priority, in particular in these places. Questions such as What are the best kitchen towels and what toilet paper to choose are the most frequent questions asked by our customers’ cleaning service staff. Lamix provides its customers with the industrial rolls in white, blue and green colour. Industrial rolls are high quality products ensuring the best results. 

Lamix offers a wide range of industrial rolls, especially in white colour. Industrial rolls are marked with perfect diameters – they are exceptionally absorptive, durable and economical. They are ideal for industrial purposes. Their features make both cellulose and recycled industrial rolls worth recommending.

Industrial rolls have excellent absorptive features, therefore, they are perfect for wet cleaning. They also absorb oils and lubricants. This is what distinguishes our industrial rolls from other products available in the market.  Their additional advantage is that the products such as cellulose industrial rolls are low-dust and streak-free which enable our customers to achieve clean, dirt-free surfaces.

Lamix is a Polish leading paper manufacturer providing its customers with four brands of products: Ellis Professional, Ellis Ecoline, Cliver and Green. Whatever brand you select, our products meet the highest quality standards and are equipped with the required technical approvals. We provide the products manufactured from pure cellulose or high quality recycled paper. Ellis series comprises of  products intended for the most demanding customers. This line’s products are multiply and exceptionally soft, whereas Cliver and Green are series of economical products manufactured from the high quality ecological raw material. Our new brand – Green – is marked with an exceptional absorption and durability.

ELLIS PROFESSIONAL: Industrial rolls

ELLIS ECOLINE: Industrial rolls

CLIVER: Industrial rolls