Restaurants or bars may display their respect and appreciation of their customers by providing high quality catering napkins. Among other products, paper napkins seem to be a mandatory equipment of these places. The way customers perceive a restaurant or a bar is often influenced by their perception of the place’s cleanliness. For example, it is very crucial to have an opportunity to wipe your hands after the meal. Therefore, dispenser napkins seem to be very useful. A wide range of products enables to apply the optimal solution in each situation. Our offer includes dispenser napkins in two sizes as well as Tab-Nap napkins packed in a box with a dispenser function.  Paper napkins are marked with high quality, an attractive design and a perfect form. Dispenser napkins are manufactured from a high quality cellulose and have  a unique and distinguishing embossing pattern. They are both very functional and aesthetic, therefore, dispenser napkins are a perfect addition to a place where maintaining an attractive image is of key importance. The cost of providing high standards is also an important factor, therefore, restaurant owners often look for some cost-effective solutions such as affordable catering napkins. Our offer includes high quality Ellis napkins which enable restaurants, cafes, ice-cream shops or small food courts to cater for the most demanding customers while maintaining reasonable price. Therefore, our high quality dispenser napkins should be available in each of these places.