medical paper

Medical paper rolls protect the surfaces against contamination and leaking. They represent a high quality  and a durable solution for both hospital and home care. Medical paper is soft and highly absorptive – it absorbs any liquid ensuring great comfort of use. Medical paper rolls are manufactured from high quality materials, therefore, they are recommended for use in hospitals, beauty salons as well as nursing homes.

Each of our high quality medical paper is individually wrapped to increase its hygiene of use. Apart from their high functionality, our hygienic products such as couch sheets are marked with their aesthetic qualities.  They increase the comfort of use and ensure proper durability. In addition, they are highly versatile. The traditional couch sheets may be used both in medical surgeries and hospitals as well as beauty salons and spa rooms.  

Products for consumer use

Ellis Estimo kitchen towels and toilet paper are manufactured from cellulose which ensures that they are unusually soft. They are marked with an attractive embossing patters and high absorptiveness. Estimo kitchen towels provide an alternative for traditional cloth towels as they guarantee the hygienic cleanliness  of wiped and cleaned areas. They are durable, two-ply and last longer than other kitchen towels available in the market. Toilet paper rolls packed in a collective 8-roll packaging are necessary products of any bathroom or toilet.