jumbo toilet articles

Lamix offers a wide game of Jumbo toilet products for public use. They are ideal for companies, restaurants and hotels. Jumbo toilet paper comprises a necessary  equipment of each toilet visited by a large number of users. Hygiene is an issue of key importance and owing to the products offered by Lamix, its ensuring is easy and comfortable. Both toilet paper and hand towels are suitable for public toilets, shopping malls, restaurants and bars as well as in workplaces.  

Our assortment comprises of three Jumbo toilet product lines – Ellis Professional, Ellis Ecoline and Cliver. Regardless of the selected brand, all products are marked with exceptional durability and efficiency. We strongly recommend Jumbo hand towels which are the combination of high comfort and interesting design. Cliver toilet paper is a one-ply ecological and cost effective paper based on high quality recycled material, Ellis Ecoline is a multi-ply and exceptionally absorptive paper, also manufactured from high quality recycled material and Ellis Professional is the highest standard of toilet paper lines intended for the most demanding customers – it is an extremely soft and absorptive paper, decorated with an embossed pattern and manufactured from 100% cellulose.


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