subsidy granted for innovations

On 30th December 2008, Prywatne Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe LAMIX Mirosław Laszko in Witnica concluded the co-financing agreement no. UDA-POIG.04.04.00-08-010/08-00 with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development in Warsaw within the scope of the Operational Programme of the Innovative Economy 2007-2013, Measure 4.4: New investments of high innovative potential, Priority axis 4: Investments in innovative projects, for the execution of the project entitled: Innovative changes in the hygienic paper production process from recycled paper in LAMIX.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the means of the European Regional Development Fund.

The project included the following investment tasks:

  • The erection and installation of the anaerobic wastewater pre-treatment plant;
  • The erection of the production hall and warehouse comprising of:
    • The production and warehouse building of a floor area of 7283,50 sq m;
    • The warehouse building of a floor area of 301,84 sq m,
    • The office building of a floor area of 664,87 sq m,
  • External power network;
  • External sanitary installation;
  • Central heating boiler;
  • Transformer station;
  • Internal air-handling unit;
  • Internal roads;
  • Halls’ internal ventilation system;
  • IT network with peripheral devices;
  • Headbox;
  • Paper converting machine;
  • Plying machine;
  • Hydrogen power generator;
  • Paper machine press system;
  • Upgrading of the paper machine drying section with 2nd degree air recuperation;
  • Product identification’s software.

The project’s value amounted to PLN 30 778 779,75

The project’s co-financing amounted to PLN 18 467 267,85

The estimated term of the project: 1st August 2008 – 30th January 2013.

The project enabled us to:

  1. increase our production capacities – it enabled us to carry out the increasing number of orders of both domestic and international market;
  2. improve the quality of the supplied products – it enabled us to meet our customers’ requirements;
  3. effectively compete with products marked with higher quality standards;
  4. introduce new products set by worldwide trends;
  5. become independent of external supplies of raw materials.

Owing for this project we hold an outstanding portfolio of the most innovative and technologically advanced equipment in our industry which is owned by less than 5% worldwide paper companies.

The major aim of this investment project was:

1. The increase of the quality of the manufactured paper;
by equipping the paper machine with the new headbox and press system, the manufactured paper shall be significantly modified and it have the following properties:
  • reducing of weight deviations, both in axial and cross direction;
  • maintaining the same durability parameters over the entire width of the paper;
  • no perforations, bunches or holes in the paper;
  • paper is more fluffy, soft and water absorptive;
  • paper web is more homogeneous.
2. The reduction of negative impact on natural environment;
by erecting anaerobic wastewater pre-treatment plant and hydrogen power generator, the emission of harmful substances into the environment was significantly reduced:
  • the reduction of noise emission;
  • the reduction of CO2 emission calculated per 1 ton of manufactured paper;
  • the reduction of natural gas calculated per 1 ton of manufactured paper;
  • the reduction of water consumption calculated per 1 ton of manufactured paper;
  • the use of biomass for technological purposes occurring within the paper production and wastewater treatment process.
3. The introduction of new and improved products;
By purchasing the plying machine and converting machine for manufacturing Z-Z fold, two-ply hand towels, the company has introduced the following new products:
  • Z-Z fold, two-ply hand towels;
  • Two-ply hand towels and toilet paper.
The company has become independent from raw material supplies (two-ply tissue acquired from external suppliers).
4. The increase of production capacities;
By erecting production and warehouse facilities with office building, the production and warehouse area has been increased and, as a result, the efficiency of machines and occupational safety has been improved. The company’s organizational system has been also changed:
  • The new production hall is used to manufacture 100% improved hygienic paper;
  • The sales of tissue rolls to external contractors has been decreased till minimum.