toilet paper

It is hardly possible to imagine how our everyday lives would look like without a toilet paper. It is a product used both in private toilets as well as in sanitary premises visited by a large number of users.

First of all, which toilet paper to choose? There are many products available in the market which are different in view of many aspects. Lamix,  the toilet paper manufacturer, provides its customers with a wide range of products matching different needs and situations. Owing to our long-term experience, we are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. We offer the best solutions for company owners who seek for high quality personal hygiene products manufactured from suitable materials.

The toilet paper offered by our company is a combination of the high quality and good price. This makes an ideal offer for any company or institution in terms of comfort and cost-effectiveness.

Our range of products, including toilet paper, was manufactured with the application of the high quality materials ensuring unique durability and absorptiveness. Such solution guarantees the satisfaction of the customers selecting our products. Our offer comprises three brands: Ellis Professional, Ellis Ecoline and Cliver. All products shall satisfy the requirements of our most demanding customers and fulfil the criteria to be met by hygienic products. The first line is an exclusive product manufactured from 100% cellulose. It is decoratively embossed so it is ideal for elegant restrooms at restaurants or hotels. It meets the highest standards and requirements and it is suitable for any, even the most demanding, customer.  Ellis Ecoline and Cliver toilet paper mean high quality recycled material solutions. It is a combination of a right design and ecological approach. Its key advantages are cost effectiveness and saving which are certainly appreciated by company owners.  Its exceptionally soft surface ensures the highest comfort of use  in terms of durability and effectiveness. The use of recycled material means that this solution is both environmental friendly and cost effective. Its low price is a great advantage which enables to save money: an important matter for those who manage the finances.